Are you considering purchasing a BVI VACATION property? Anyone who has ever bought a home will tell you that they remember the excellent sense of finding the best property and falling in love with it. It is an inexpressible mix of comfort, excitement and dreams about to become reality. ‘Can we afford it? Will the sellers accept our offer? How quick are we able to pick up the keys?’ the excited customers ask. Great vibes are a very good sign in deciding to buy a home. But you should not let your feelings overrule a fair appraisal of whether a specific home truly matches your requirements.
Here are some of the many questions you will want to ask before you make the commitment to purchase.
Your bank advises you are able to afford to buy the home you love, but are you happy with the regular payments you will be obliged to make? Is the down payment within your limits? Would you like to have enough money to pay exchange costs and moving costs? If the house is in need of repairs, transforming or redecorating are you able to save the required funds inside a fair period of time?
Together with price, the state of the home should be a top consideration. Does the home need a new roof? In depth upgrading of the electric wiring? New plumbing? Is the home disaster-ready. A fixer-upper home with tons of potential could be a great find or a cash pit. Will you be well placed to meet the monetary challenges and live with the mess and nuisance while the house is being altered to match your needs.
Size and design
Is the house the correct size for you and your family and has it got the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas? Is that tiny den big enough for your child’s bedroom? Is one toilet acceptable and if not, what are the costs and headaches of adding a second one? Does the kitchen have enough drawer and worktop space? Is the garage wide enough and deep enough for your cars?
Does the house have a heating system? An air conditioning system? Are the climate controls crucial to you? Are the windows big enough? If the house has 2 floors, are you happy with the fact that you will be walking up and down stairs each day? Is there a downstairs toilet for guests who can’t use the stairs?
Is the house too modern or too conventional for your preferences in furniture and soft furnishings?
Resale Possibilities
On average most people change homes every 7 years. If you wished to sell your house or were forced to by circumstances that were out of your control, would it be easy to sell it to an interested buyer?
Some buyers tend to fall in love with expensive home conveniences that appear attractive and useful at the time, but later turn out to be more headache and less pleasure than originally thought. Do you want a pool? High-maintenance decorative trees? Built in household appliances? Costly hardwood flooring? Some houses are easier to visit than they are for people to own.

So when you are looking around to find the perfect home for you and your family, although it is very easy to allow your heart to rule your head it is best to ensure that you look at the practicalities of each house. The best way to do this is to devise and carry a check list of your wants and needs to each viewing so that you can ensure you are picking the best home for you.