The residents of the British Virgin Islands are being given a unique opportunity to share their views on the proposed Cruise Ship Pier expansion. A local environmental consulting company, Environmental Systems, has been contracted by the BVI Ports authority to prepare an environmental impact assessment for the proposed Cruise Pier extension for visitors arriving for a BVI VACATION. Under the Town and Country Planning Act of 2004, EIAs are mandatory before the commencement of any development which can potentially impact the natural environment. Under the guidance of Dr. Cassander Titley-O’Neal, Environmental Systems will be conducting a social impact study, as a means of gaining insight into the public’s impression of cruise tourism in the territory. Information for this aspect of the study will be collected by conducting a survey. Some of the surveys will be administered via personal interviews which will be conducted by a local company, Virgin Islands Environmental and Technical Solutions, which has been subcontracted to assist with this aspect of the study. Other surveys will be administered online using the survey tool known as “Survey Monkey”.