Your TORTOLA RENTAL harbors a surprising number of sneaky allergy-causing culprits. Home allergy-fighting tips include: wash bedding in hot water, keep windows closed, keep room temperatures low.

Here’s where they’re hiding, and how to send them packing.

1. Clutter

A messy home is an inviting environment for things like dust mites, bugs, mold, and mice.

It is a good suggestion to recycle old newspapers, magazines, cans, and grocery bags each week and keep the bins outside if possible

2. Carpet

Dust mites love carpets and rugs, so ensure that you vacuum your home regularly.

When you purchase your vacuum you should make sure that it has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to trap tiny particles.

To get rid of the risks further, have completely bare floors that are easy to clean and mop.

3. Bedding

Get rid of bed bugs by washing your bedding in 130 degree heat each week.

4. Bathroom

Moist bathroom or basement walls love to breed mold, so try to keep them dry with sufficient ventilation.

5. Crumbs

Crumbs and overflowing garbage attract mice and cockroaches — and their droppings can aggravate allergies.

Keep your space clean. Also, try boric acid and traps for the pests.

6. Open windows

Refreshing breezes are great — unless they blow pollen indoors.

Keep windows shut between the high-pollen-count hours and keep the air-conditioner running if it is too hot inside and be sure to change the air-conditioning units filter every month.

Removing shoes outside will avoid tracking in pollen particles.

7. Basement

Fight mold with a dehumidifier set between 35 and 45 percent humidity.

Dehumidifiers come in several sizes, however before you buy, get a humidity gauge to decide how much de-moisturizing muscle you need.

8. Houseplants

Your potted plants can have sneeze-producing mold on their leaves, remove any moldy leaves as soon as you see them, and don’t let water stay in the pots tray.

9. Pets

Pet dander and saliva can cause big allergy problems to people, was and brush your pet on a weekly basis to lower the risk. Keep cats and dogs out of your bedroom.

10. Fabric furnishings

Dust weekly, wash blankets and throws weekly in hot water or have them dry cleaned and pick up pet fur with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Suffering from allergies can make life very unpleasant at times, however if you follow these steps you may be able to alleviate allergies in your home.