Director Sharon Flax-Mars and other members of the tourist board hosted members of the media at the Moorings last Friday, as part of working to create a partnership with the local media.
She said, “we just wanted to say thank you. It’s a partnership with the Tourist Board and with the media because at the end of the day, all of us should have a common goal and that is to have the BVI shine.”
The Tourist Board Director said its important for the board to improve its communication and have more dialogue with the media, adding that it is important for the media to get an understanding of what the Tourist Board does, and for the Board to get an understanding how the media works.
“I expect the media to be responsible and work with us because we have the same goal and once we recognize that and we respect each other, as far as having a basic professional courtesy, I believe it will go a long way. We depend on the media as well to get our message out to let the public know what we are doing, why we are doing it.” She concluded. The tourist board plays a big part in many peoples annual BVI VACATION.