Home energy bills are something we would all like to reduce and air conditioners can be the main culprit when it comes to high bills. These few simple tips will help you to keep your TORTOLA RENTALS cool while significantly reducing your energy bills.

1. If you want cool just one room, avoid using your central air conditioning unit. Purchase a portable air conditioner instead. Modern portable models have a high energy efficiency rating, so they will cool your room effectively and save you a lot.

2. Install mini-blinds or white colored window shades. Mini-blinds can be quite effective and reduce warmth from direct sunlight by up to 40-50 percent. Another idea is to hang bamboo shades or tightly woven screens on the outside of your windows. This can stop up to 80 percent of the suns heat getting through your windows.

3. Keep all the windows in your home closed throughout the day. In the evening you can open them open for ventilation and switch on a fan rather than using the air conditioning unit.

4. If you have a mini split air conditioner, ensure that the outside compressor is in the shade. However,
trees and shrubbery should not be right beside it as it will need some room for air flow.

5. Ensure that you clean your air conditioners filter once a month as dust can build up which significantly reduces the air flow.

6. When you go to purchase your air conditioning unit, you must ensure it is the correct size for your room. A unit that is too small will not cool your home effectively, and a unit that is too large will consume far too much energy than needed.

7. If your air conditioning unit is old, think about replacing it with a new one as the modern i=units have a far higher energy efficiency rating.

8. Cooking, drying clothes or dish-washing produces lots of heat. Try to carry out all these tasks in the evenings when it gets cooler.

Many people just switch their units on and set the temperature they require it to be at. Although this will cool your room, it will also cost you a lot more too. Moreover, excessive energy consumption is bad for the environment, so by following these simple tips you could not only save on your energy bills, but you could also help to reduce pollution in your area.