On Saturdays, you will find Omari Scott of the RBVIYC hard at work, teaching KATS students how to sail at the Nanny Cay Resort and Marina.
Thanks to sponsorship provided by Ogier and Vanterpool Enterprises Ltd, this is the second 10 week session that has been organized by KATS and the RBVIYC. This time, 12 students have been able to sign up. There are many reasons teaching children to sail are important for our community. The BVI is often marketed as “the sailing capital of the world” the job opportunities are endless when one knows how to sail.
KATS and the RBVIYC hope to enable students to maintain their interest beyond this first step in sailing. While KATS focuses on providing children with new opportunities, the RBVIYC can offer the necessary skills needed to progress to the highest levels of the sport, including competitive sailing. All residents and visitors staying in TORTOLA RENTALS are welcome to attend.