From a blog of the Baltimore Sun newspaper, comes this write up of a travel promotion for a few Caribbean islands:
‘This is a travel deal that you can put stock in. Literally. Elite Island Resorts, a chain of Caribbean hotels in Antigua, Barbados, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, British Virgin Islands and Nevis, will let you trade in your devalued U.S. stock for an island vacation…the offer extends to March 31.

‘You own stock in company XYZ. Today the stock is valued at $5. But last summer on July 1 – the date Elite has set for the offer – your stock was trading at $50. Elite will give you credit for the higher stock value and accept the transfer of stock as payment for your vacation. The maximum stock transaction is $5,000 per room. Cost varies depending upon the resort you select, but let’s say you stay 10 nights at $500 per night = $5,000 = 100 shares of your stock in XYZ.’

For links to Elite Island Resorts’ list of 400 approved stocks, and more details, visit the Baltimore Sun.

Maybe we’ll see you here this winter after all!