If your teen is still sleeping in a room in your TORTOLA RENTALS that is decorated with princesses, fairy’s or cars, this may be a good time to re-decorate. Teens often want rooms that are comfortable and decorated in a way that reflects their individual personalities as we all know that this is a place your teen will be spending most of their time! As a parent enough storage space is vital to keep clutter to a minimum.

Don’t clash over color

Hot pink walls may not be your ideal color, however when it is something that your teen wants, why not? Try to remind yourself that it is your teens room and not yours, amd as paint is quite affordable, whenever your teens current phase comes to an end it will be possible to re-paint without too much expense.

Allow it to be personal

Visit your local art and craft store and get some canvases and acrylic paint to allow your teen to create wall are that is personal to them. If they have lots of photos of friends, help them find a way to use them to decorate their walls by arranging them in frames, hanging from picture wire or even under a desk mat. If you are going to do this however ensure that the pictures are easy to remove (we all know how fragile teen friendships can be).


Teens tend to have many things and even though they no longer use some of these things they may not be ready to get rid of these childhood reminders just yet. Storage is a necessity so that things like stuffed animals, games, trophies, books and clothes these things can be kept without creating clutter. Offer to sort through these items with your teen and decide where they will be stored together so that they can easily access them should they want to. Loft space is a good place to store the things that will likely never be used again. If you have the budget for new furniture, consider a bed with undermatress storage or with drawers underneath. In a small room, a loft bed will give you plenty of space for a desk or a dresser. Similarly, shelves or hanging cabinets can help to free up several square feet of floor space.


If you have a teen it is highly likely that their laundry never makes it to your laundry basket and instead is usually decorating the floor of their bedroom. The solution to this problem? Put a basket in your teens room for them to put their dirty laundry in, of course there is no guarantee that this will work but it is worth a try. Letting your teen decorate the hamper themselves in a style that matches their newly decorated room may encourage them to use it.

Hang-out space

All teens need a quiet place to study, listen to music or hang out with friends. Even the smallest room will have a space for floor pillows or a cozy chair and even a small table to put snacks on. Depending on what your rules are, you may want tin include a tv and a video console to keep your teen and their guests entertained.
If you and your teen work together on this project, you can come to an agreement on style and color, you may have to be prepared to compromise as a teens taste is never going to be exactly what you had in mind. By following these few simple tips you can make the whole process as easy as possible.