It’s almost This summer fourth weekend and you have decided to have a party at your TORTOLA RENTALS at the last minute. There are lots of things that you will need to do for the party such as sending invites, arranging decorations and buying food. It may seem like an impossible task but when you follow the suggestions and tips in this article, you will be able to easily plan and host a last minute 4th July Party that will be enjoyed by all and stress-free for you.

Invites: You will have to inform your intended guests quickly that you intend to have a 4th July party, so technology needs to become your best friend. Send invites through sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter, send emails to your friends and family with details of the time, venue and any other information you may deem important for your party to be a hit. If you have the time you can always make an online invitation to send to your guests, this will also impress them at the same time! Request quick RSVP and keep track of them by making a list on your computer. If all else fails ask friends and family to assist you in calling perspective guests by phone to ask them to attend. The aim is to tell everyone you need to as soon as possible to ensure you have guests at your party!

Decorations: Decorations do not need to be don’t need to be very fancy, however they do make parties more enjoyable and fun. Your local store may have decorations that will be suitable, however for a wider choice, search online stores to see if they have anything that will be shipped to you in time for your party.

Food: Do not over do the food and drinks at your party, keeping it simple will work much better for you. Barbeques are perfect for 4th July parties, so items like hotdogs, burgers, salad, chips and cold deserts will work best for you. If you do not own a barbeque or simply do not wish to be involved with all that food preparation, speak to your local BBQ restaurant and ask them to provide you with a spread for your party. Many will even deliver the food to you so that you do not have to go and pick anything up. Whatever type of food you decide upon, keeping it simple and delicious will please your guests, after all the most enjoyable part of 4th July is getting together with friends and family.

Entertainment: Entertainment for your 4th July party should include music and fireworks, for the music something as simple as a CD player can be used or a karaoke machine – if you have willing guests this can be great fun. It is very easy to find fireworks around the 4th July as there are plenty sold in all the shops. Should you choose use fireworks, make certain that you’ve a fire extinguisher and hose for safety.

Remember the most vital item for your 4th July party is that you Relax and enjoy the event with friends and family and don’t worry about the little things, it will all turn out great in the end!