Solar Panel Information and Installation

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Are you a looking for a way to reduce your utility bills in your BVI home
why not consider Solar power, with the Caribbean’s constant trade winds and year round sunshine, it is one of the best locations for Solar power and once you have installed your panels you will notice the difference in your bills straight away.

Solar Panel Installation

This general information guide to solar panel installation will address these subjects:

Solar Panel Purchases

Solar Panel Installation Tips

Solar Panels and Wells

Where to purchase solar power panels?

You can buy solar power panels from a number of solar panel producers. Prices change constantly, so shopping around is essential. It may be a good idea to search online for your solar panels as there are plenty of different products available from the internet

Solar Panel Installation Tips

When considering installing solar panels it is advisable to employ professionals who know what they are doing as electrics can be dangerous. Solar Power Panels are usually placed on roofs, building tops, or stand-alone facilities. It is essential to set up your solar panel to ensure that it will get the most direct exposure to the sun – you need to make certain your solar panel is maximally effective all year round. To achieve this, you will find several web-based guides that will help you correctly setup and install your solar power panels by monitoring the positioning of the sun on the horizon during the course of the year.

Position your cell in sunlight

Solar Power Panels perform at optimum capacity when put into direct sunlight. Attempt to position your solar panels directly underneath the noontime sun for optimum efficiency from your solar unit.

Notice obstructions to sunlight

Remove any obstructions which could be in danger of hindering the effectiveness of your solar panels, including branches and anything which may be casting a shadow over your panels. Trace the path of the sun to find out if any objects are casting a shadow over your solar panels. If it is the situation then the operating efficiency of your unit will unquestionably suffer.

Mounting your Solar Panel

Solar Panel Mounts are used to install solar power panels. Solar panel mounts are available in three types: pole mounts, roof-ground mounts, and flush mounts. With such mounts, you will be able to install your cell onto an RV, on the top of or on the side of the pole, on your roof, or even set them up as a free-standing unit.

Water moving with solar power panels

A great way to put solar power panels to use would be to install a solar-powered water pump for your well. Although windmills have typically been used to power such systems, a solar-powered system works equally well, and it is equally friendly to the environment.

Your Well Pump

You should select a quality well pump to be used together with your solar-powered well pump system, one which makes the best use of your energy and does not require an inefficient, wasteful transformer. Your well drilling provider will probably provide you with the standard well pump, a 220 volt alternating electric current model. The issue with this type of high-voltage pump system would be that the transformer required is very inefficient and could be a huge strain on your inverter throughout start up. This could make the the power in the home dip, and also the lights to dim, which could result in a full-out inverter failure unless of course you’ve got a top-quality inverter. Avoid this type of high-voltage system if you’re able to, and instead, choose a 120 volt AC model, which is a lot more efficient and doesn’t put nearly as much pressure on your inverter.

The Solar Panel

Your solar panel doesn’t require a high wattage rating to be able to run your solar-pump, just seek advice from your well-drilling company to determine which wattage rating you require from your solar panel. An essential consideration when establishing an outside solar panel system for the well pump is to buy a mounting rack that provides lots of clearance between your ground and your solar panel and keep it in an open space away from trees. You wouldn’t want any large pets, floodwater, or falling branches to break your system.

Installing solar power into your home will not only reduce your utility bills until eventually your home does not require any power from the city’s power grid, it is also considered one of the best clean energy sources as it creates zero pollution. The world is changing and if you are considering doing your part in helping to reduce the dangers to the environment this is a very good start. Although the solar panels are expensive initially, the benefits both for homeowners and the environment are priceless!

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