The 2nd BVI Football Association Schools Football League kicks off on Wednesday at 3 pm. with a parade of primary and high school teams consisting of kids who live in TORTOLA RENTALS from throughout the territory.
“Last year, we had almost 550 youngsters on the program, and this year, it has jumped to 770, obviously, that has given us problems in terms of the logistics of organizing,” BVIFA President Andy Bickerton said.
BVIFA Program director Vincent “Nabu” Samuel said the league will run over four months with over 300 matches in both divisions.
“We are looking forward to this tournament with great anticipation, and the students are eagerly looking forward to what’s coming for them,” he noted.
“They are going to have the opportunity for physical exercise, an opportunity to play in team games where they learn the lessons of responsibility, working together to be successful,” he explained. “Although they are in a football program, the benefits that come from the program are not just football, but also social. We’d very much like to encourage parents to come out to the games, it really makes a big difference to the children to see their parents supporting them.” he concluded.