Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your TORTOLA RENTALS. The practice is very useful when you are trying to create a comfortable productive home office area. Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect feng shui environment for working in.

Choose the best Room

It’s thought that energy flows in the door and flows upward first. Therefore the ideal space to create your office ought to be relatively near to the front of the home, on an equal or higher floor. It is suggested to try to keep your office away from dark closets and cellars.

See Who Enters your Office

Make sure to put your desk inside a command position, meaning not directly infront of the door, but facing it, and never facing a wall or window. The farthest corner facing thsee observe everything within the room. Though if you are residing in tight quarters, that may not be possible. If you need to place your desk against the wall, it is a good idea to place a big mirror in front of you. This does a couple of things – it allows you to see behind you and it makes like you can move forward without feeling like you are stuck. Positioning yourself so that you are able to see everybody who enters the office also allowsa you to be prepared for whatever business may come your way.

Determine Your Element

There are five elements in the practice of Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. It’s vital that you know how they work toward creating and balancing an positive Chi, or energy, flow. You need to incorporate all five to your office in certain form, and and it is a good idea to enhance those that best represent your personality and your industry to be able to make your ideal work atmosphere. An easy test that will help you pick which element suits you best would be to consider your preferred vacation place. Would you like the beach, the mountain tops, or perhaps a place with a more tropical climate?

Need Inspiration? Add Wood.

Wood encourages creativeness and represents loyalty. Any object, just like your desk, the ground, sections of wall, or any other wooden knick knacks, will satisfy this requirement. The colours green and brown best represent this element.

Need an Increase in Productivity? Add Fire.

Fire is proven to be probably the most powerful of all the elements. It’s aggressive and said to represent passion and excitement. This element embodies energy and should be used to boost action and productivity in your office.

Need Balance and Stability? Add Earth.

This element produces a strong ground for building and strengthening relationships-great for companies searching to grow and maintain and grow customer base.

Want to Rake in the Dough? Add Metal.

Here’s your moneymaker! Metal signifies harvest and financial success. Before you create a workplace made from steel, understand that an overindulgence associated with any of the elements will knock-off your office’s Chi and make disharmony.

Need Assistance Communicating? Add Water.

Water is the component of communication and opportunities-required for every office! This element is free-flowing and encourages networking, traveling, and knowledge (or learning).

Finally… Energy can’t flow freely if it keeps stumbling over those stacks of paper and the random junk inside your office. So, clear it! Feng Shui is all about balance and organization.