e360’s latest 2nd Home Trend Report, conducted this past June/July, shows positive signs for the Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates, throughout the Caribbean. The report surveyed existing second home buyers on preferences for timing, attributes, location, and pricing of an additional second home purchase.

Of those 45% indicating that they are in the market for a second home, Mexico was the top international destination with more than half of the total interest. More impressively, of the remaining 54% who indicated that now would not be a good time to buy, 79% indicated that they would be likely or very likely to purchase in the next 2 years.

As consistent with current market trends, lifestyle and vacation attributes are the leading motivator at 46%. Investment purposes showed 41%. Second home purchases for the purpose of retirement ranked 3rd at just over 11%.

The desire for a second home geared for vacation purposes is not a surprising finding. E360’s Global Research Analyst, Chad Martin, said ‘This is a consistent trend with the preferred attributes of the buyer being water views and proximity to water or mountain activities.’ Lake and ocean views combined for an overwhelming majority of the preferred attributes surveyed with mountain views coming second.

Martin added that while spa and medical facilities have exhibited recent high growth rate forecasts in recent studies, respondents did not translate that growth into the highest motivation for second home purchases. Green-based second homes also did not show the highest appeal, nor has golf amenities translated into sales.

The appeal of being close to the water with an ocean view should help keep our beautiful Caribbean Island as an attractive 2nd home location in the next few years. Contact a Coldwell Banker agent with any questions you have on investing in our real estate.