Oil Nut Bay is a luxury resort community on the eastern tip of Virgin Gordon, in BVI. Accessible by helicopter or boat, the 300-acre island is a private real estate development offering freehold whole ownership to 88 buyers.

The community is committed to green practices, including maintaining 50% open space, using carbon-neutral elements throughout, and electric cars.

Amenities for homeowners at Oil Nut Bay feature a marine nature center, full-service spa, wellness center, beach club, and marina. The Beach Club is planned to open this peak season in November or December.

Victor International Corp, developers, offers distinctive design options in the architecture, with indoor and outdoor spaces flowing together. Vacation rentals are available for the investor-buyer.

From the company’s web site: ‘Many individuals considering home ownership in the Caribbean are drawn to the BVI because of its stability. This stability is evidenced by the BVI’s financial services sector, which is one of the preferred corporate domiciles for international businesses. Additionally, with low unemployment rates (3.3%), one of the highest per capita GDP rates in the region (US$41,000), and extremely low taxation, home owners can feel confident knowing that their property will reap the benefits of an established, stable jurisdiction. Crime statistics demonstrate that the BVI is among the most secure and safe nations within the Caribbean.

‘Investing in home ownership in the BVI has historically proven to be financially beneficial. According to BVI real estate organizations, BVI home prices continue to grow steadily between 7-10% per year. Demand for luxury housing has remained strong, without experiencing the highs and lows (booms and busts) found in other property markets throughout the Caribbean. The BVI’s limited portfolio of available oceanfront home sites and the BVI government’s calculated measures to prevent over development and speculation have helped to ensure increasing property values.’

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(photo courtesy of OilNutBay.com)