There are many home improvements you can make on your British Virgin Islands Home, however perhaps no home improvement is quite as welcomed by the kids than a swimming pool. Installing a swimming pool in your back yard can be an excellent way to give your family and friends the feeling of a vacation all year round. There are many different types of pools so the first decision is which will suite you, your family and yard/garden best.

There isn’t any one best pool to meet everybody’s needs or requirements, everybody requires something different. But with so many options how does one choose? The most important question that you will need to answer is whether you wish to add an in ground or above ground pool. There are benefits and disadvantages to each. With an in ground pool, it’s a permanent structure in your yard and can add significant worth to your property. There also are plenty more shapes, sizes, and options available with an in ground pool. It is more elegant and may be employed as an ornamental or landscaping piece in your yard.

However an in ground pool is much more permanent so once its built, its there to stay. An above ground pool is only semi-permanent, costs less, and needs less time to build. The key flaw to an above ground pool for many folks is that it is above the ground. This makes it less aesthetic due to it being such a massive structure in your yard. You must be certain that the type of pool you choose is the correct one, as there are very few things worse than having something you loathe sitting in your yard.
If you opt for an above ground pool, there are 2 main shapes, the circle and the oval. The next thing to do is to establish how big you need your pool. Only you can decide this because everybody has got different size yards. This is the time to break out the tape measure! There are several things that you can do which will affect the amount of space you will need for your pool. These options will also add character to your pool. A deck can be built around the pool or alternatively just for the entrance. You could build the pool so that it is partially in the ground, this is a popular choice as it decreases the identifiable peak of the pool making it seem like an in ground pool. Next, you must decide whether or not you are going to have a flat bottom pool or if you’re going to have a deep end. After you decide precisely what you are going to do with your pool you can begin selecting what model and liner you would like.
Selecting options for an in ground pool can be much more intense than it is for an above ground pool. Again, step one will be deciding how big you need the pool but there are several shapes available that permit you to get a bigger size pool in a rather more compact area. It is likely that you will need more space for an in ground pool because you’ll want a solid deck round the pool. There are other options you are able to add to an in ground pool like a spill over spa or a swim out.
When you’ve selected your pool and all of your options it is time to take the final step and get everything started!