Your home might be clean, but when it’s cluttered and filled with stuff, you might not even notice the sparkling counters or vacuumed floors. And when your house is on the market, clutter could reduce your perceived home value and could be one of the biggest things standing in the way of the sale of your BVI VACATION home.

Clutter eats equity – occupies space and causes homes to feel much smaller, most sellers have too many things in their homes.

Whether you are planning to market your home, or simply want easy ways to de-clutter your home, here are some great tips listed below:


Have a critical look at all your possessions and decide whether you use regularly. Keep only that which you love, use or wear. If you are not sure whether you would miss the sweater or book put it away somewhere to see if you need it in a few days. Chances are you will not miss it at all.

Assign a location

Always searching for your car and house keys, the remote control or paperwork? Decide on a location for these items and ensure you always leave them there. Buy bins, put labels on them and encourage all who live in the household to put things in their proper places. Ensure that the bins are somewhere that makes sense- it shouldn’t be harder to find things now that they are organized.

To save time going up and down the stairs, place a bin at the bottom of the stairs and place items that need to go up in there. When you or someone else in the house next goes upstairs take the bin and return the items to their proper places.

Turn Clutter into Decor

A cluster of items such as glass jars holding office supplies for example can look like a planned accessory for any room. Woven baskets for blankets, or wooden crates for bathroom products can all stand by themselves in a room without making the area appear cluttered.