Everybody has a junk drawer in their TORTOLA RENTALS, and although they have a very bad reputation, they are quite often full of items that you would regularly use… if only you could find them.

Changing this twisted mess of cords, clips and coupons into a handy home for essentials is difficult. Organization, after all, means getting rid of all your junk.

Here are a few ideas on how to achieve a less messy junk drawer to get you started:

Clean slate

Begin by emptying the drawer. Put everything onto a table or counter top so that you can see what you have in the drawer, then begin sorting through it all.

Discard or recycle items that are damaged or that you simply don’t use. Be callous. Do all of the pens really work? Do you really need the business cards of people you do not remember meeting?

As yourself: Should these things be here? Just by moving receipts to your office, kitchen appliance manuals to your home file, spare buttons to your sewing kit and loose coins to your piggy bank, you will see a big difference in the amount of things that are in your junk drawer.

Divide and conquer

Sort he remaining contents of the junk drawer by type: pens and pencils in a single pile, rubber bands in another, notepads in another.

Once you’ve decided what really needs to be saved here and just how much you will need to store, you you can look for containers to hold each of items in an organized manner. If you want to you can purchase drawer organizing systems to help you in your quest for a more organized drawer.

If you like to arrange inexpensively, it can be done, too. A piece of ice tray or egg carton, for instance, will keep small products in position. Old silverware drawer partitioning, empty margarine tubs or cheese boxes also are actually excellent containers.

Secure and label

Once you’ve work out how you would like your containers to sit in your drawer, you should use sticky-back Velcro tab to keep them in position. Simply fasten one side of the tab to the bottom of the drawer and the other side to the bottom of each container and press the tabs together to attach them together.

Use store bought labels or make your own labels so that you can determine what is in each container easily.

Putting it altogether

You should tackle this project when you have enough time to dedicate to it, if you only have 15 or 20 minutes you will end up with a drawer that is more messy than it was before you started.

Make cleaning your junk drawer a part of your monthly cleaning list. Remove any items that dont belong there, or the drawer will end up in a mess again in no time. Ensure you inform all family members about the drawer and explain what goes in there and what doesn’t and warn them that you will be periodically throwing out all items that do not belong in there.

Messy dis-organized drawers are a feature of most homes and it is difficult to keep on top of them if you do not have a system for them first. These tips above should give you some good ideas on how to keep on top of the junk drawer in your home.