The Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie W. Skelton has confirmed that the BVI Health Services Authority, will receive $23 million of its $33 million budget from the Government.
Chairman of the BVIHSA, John Cline said the records go back to about seven to ten years, and shows that the total revenue to be collected, is in the neighborhood of around $28 million.
The Minister stated that his job is not to throw money at a healthcare system, but to ensure that the healthcare system evolves to become a much more efficient organization for those residents living locally in TORTOLA RENTALS.
Minister Skelton explained that is why changes are made, so the timing of the health insurance and other elements are in sync, because it is estimated that healthcare in the country will cost around $79 million per year.
He also agreed with the Second District Representative, Hon. Alvin Christopher, that the cost to run the healthcare system will be a lot higher when the new Peebles Hospital is completed.