Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC recently announced that it is the first national real estate franchise brand to launch an iAd for the iPad, the latest expansion of Apple’s revolutionary new mobile-advertising platform. Coldwell Banker has created its iAd to inspire consumers to design their perfect neighborhood, and to act on starting their home buying search by downloading the Coldwell Banker Real Estate App for iPad.

‘Because of the iPad’s larger display, its mobility and its many unique features, it is an incredibly powerful tool for real estate,’ explains Michael Fischer, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. ‘Our iAd for iPad allows consumers to truly engage with the process of choosing a home, and have fun doing it.’

Fischer continues, ‘Purchasing a home is a lifestyle decision that involves an array of factors such as schools, restaurants, transportation and other amenities. There’s a neighborhood out there that’s perfect for every combination imaginable, and our new iAd sets out to help consumers realize that their dream town can actually become a reality.’

As explained in the press release, through

‘The new Coldwell Banker Real Estate iAd campaign includes three different banner ads that consumers can find on their favorite iPad apps, all focused on finding that perfect neighborhood for their next home:

*Design your own neighborhood
* What is your ideal town like?
* Build your perfect place to live

‘After tapping on the iAd banner, users are greeted by a Coldwell Banker agent to guide them through the process of creating their dream town. To get started, consumers drag and drop different categories into the virtual neighborhood including: home, travel, shopping, education, restaurants and active living.

‘For each category that is placed into the virtual neighborhood, users are encouraged to use a sliding scale to determine what’s most important to them. For example, for the travel characteristic users can determine if they want a neighborhood with easily accessible mass transit or if they prefer an area where having a car to get around is a priority. This interactive experience helps create a picture of a town that is right for them. Consumers can also shake the iPad to create a random dream community. Finally, an image of the dream neighborhood can be saved to the photo album with one tap, and consumers can share it with any of their contacts via e-mail, all while staying in the ad.

‘After having fun creating the neighborhood or town of their dreams, consumers can use some of these characteristics to find a dream home of their own by downloading the free Coldwell Banker Real Estate App from the App Store. The app pulls agent and property videos into a user’s real estate search for cities and countries around the world. In addition, the app’s neighborhood rating system, powered by Yelp, allows users to easily identify neighborhoods that match their must-have criteria, and the property and agent videos help bring that perfect neighborhood to life.’