The children in the First District area, took center stage during the opening of the Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta and the last lap of the VI’s Emancipation celebrations.
The children in the community led the torchlight procession, which represented what their ancestors used in their struggle for freedom.
This year’s cultural presentation was held under the theme, ‘Emancipation and our culture through the eyes of our Youth’.
Stuart Donovan, Chairman of the Carrot Bay Sub Committee thanked everyone for their continued support and recalled his childhood days with the donkey races and other cultural activities. He said the committee is committed to ensuring that the cultural aspects of festival are kept alive.
The District One Representative welcomed Hon. Myron Walwyn, Minister for Education and Culture, who declared the fiesta open, and said he was impressed with the presentation of the committee, and noted that it was striking to him when he saw a number of children involved in the torchlight procession. Many of the spectators were those who are lucky enough to be enjoying a VIRGIN ISLAND VACATION.