The Anegada lobster of the Caribbean is now featured at Rosewood Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda. The beachfront resort, ranked #1 in the Caribbean by Harper’s Hideaway Report in 2008, has launched a season-long series of monthly Lobster Festivals for guests to savor the succulence of the Caribbean lobster.

Anegada lobsters are spiny and pincer-free, with long, thick, beautiful antennae. Indigenous to warm waters throughout the region, the lobsters are particularly prolific around Anegada, the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands. With their capacity to grow to great size, in the right hands, Anegadas are considered a Caribbean delicacy.

The festivals will be held one weekend each month from January through July. Guests will be able to select their own lobster directly from the fishermen on the beach at Little Dix Bay. Hotel chefs plan to offer 8 lobster dishes accompanied by distinctive wines.