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We recently read a blog by Brian Jambor of U.S. Cybertek, Inc. which discussed how Realtors respond to internet queries. Although said in a recent study a Realtor has 5 minutes to effectively call and find out how to serve an internet visitor when that query is received, the average number of hours it takes a Realtor to respond is 54 – 54 hours compared to 5 minutes!

We at Coldwell Banker have a better system. It’s called Lead Control. This is our promise to you, from Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates’ (CBIA) Lead Control:

‘With CB LeadControl you will be able to instantly respond to the visitor from your iPhone or Blackberry, or pass him or her along to another agent at our firm.’

This is a system we at CBIA have created just for our clients, interested web visitors, referral customers – anyone who finds us online. Our agents can log on through any computer, update the status and activities of any customer, set up future contact times, and see instantly who to contact on any given day – or be reminded, if they have missed that call to action.

Jambor writes, ‘That being said, what kind of a system would you need in order to immediately contact Internet visitors? It would have to have the following features:

*Be Internet Based of Course
*Send information to your Cell Phone
*Send a copy of the information to your Email
*Add the visitor to a mailing list so he/she will receive valuable information about your market areas
*Schedule a follow up plan that alerts you via cell phone/email when you need to follow up again.’

At Coldwell Banker BVI, we are committed to this new system and to contact you, our internet visitor or prospective client, within this timeframe. We know you want and expect a fast response to your inquiry. But we ask that you include a phone number if you do want a 5-minute call back. Real estate is not a 9 to 5 job, and we pledge a combination of calling, following up, and providing content of value.

We want your feedback if you don’t feel your needs have been addressed properly and quickly. We value your business and your referrals. Give us a try!

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