4 TV Ads will appear on CNN starting July 24, promoting the British Virgin Islands to the Caribbean and North American markets. Featuring the scenic land and seascapes of the Territory, the ads are new 30-second spots that invite travellers to the shores of the BVI. Emphasizing that the ads will be played internationally, Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board, Myron Walwyn said, ‘These ads will be played on Cable News Network, commonly known as CNN, and not just Channel 23 locally. We all know the innovation CNN is known for which puts them ahead of other news networks. This ad campaign on the network will allow the Territory to reach the homes and offices of CNN’s vast audience.’

According to BVI Platinum News, ‘This television advertisement builds on the successful Discover Nature’s Little Secrets theme, showcasing the wide variety of accommodations available to visitors. Against a backdrop of local fungi music, legendary BVI radio talent, Dave Douglas tells visitors, ”From your own room, to your intimate villa, to your own private island in the Caribbean Sea… so much to see, so much to do, enjoy your summer vacation with us and feel the British Virgin Islands!’

‘With exciting and authentic images of tourists enjoying beaches, sailing, scuba diving, festivals, and dining, the advertisement concludes with a clear and strong call to learn about summer travel offers at both the BVI Tourist Board web site and toll-free telephone number to the Tourist Board’s call centre (800-835-8530).

‘Ads were shot with authentic images of the Territory, showcasing the talents of BVIslandes and residents.’