Building Your Own Wet Bar

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Putting a wet bar together may appear easy enough basically, it is a bar with running water, stocked with your favorite drinks. But sorting out the size, appliances and storage will make sure you have got everything you want on tap at your private pub. The very first thing to think about is whether you entertain at home enough that a bar will be a worthy investment.
Plumbing & Electricity – Because your bar will need running water, it is best to find a spot in the house close to plumbing, perhaps by a lavatory or laundry room.
You’re also going to need good access to electric outlets for blenders and ice dispensers, so check the wiring and ensure little appliances will not blow a circuit in the middle of a party. A GFCI outlet, which stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, has its own inbuilt circuit breaker to guard you from electric shock a very important detail when you are working around water.
Aim at areas sheltered from sunlight, that can spoil wine and other alcohol on show, high temperatures can also have an effect on the quality of your collection.
There ought to be room to accommodate a bar at least 5 feet long. You will need at least that much space to incorporate a sink and enough counter space to pour drinks, prepare garnishes and use appliances. If you’re counting on building something longer than 8 feet, you might want to consider creating another kitchen.
A great way to pinpoint the length you need is to choose how many stools you would like to have sitting at the bar, allowing 2 feet per stool. Make sure there’s acceptable space both behind the bar and at the bar so everybody can be comfortable and not cramped

Materials – When picking your worktop, remember that the wet bar will be, well, wet. A butcher block or penetrable white marble could be hard to clean. Granite has a tendency to look better over the course of time while black absolute granite has a smooth, sharp look. If you select wood , be certain to laminate it.
The sink should be deep, ideally with a goose-neck tap that swivels, stainless-steel brands are advised and the seamless appearance of an under-mount sink looks good.
The bar itself should be taller than standard worktop height, which is thirty six inches. Around 42 inches off the floor is best to maximize the space beneath, while the overhang of the worktop should come out at least twelve inches.
How you will store your drinks is an important consideration. A small refrigerator or wine chiller can fit nicely under the bar next to a base cupboard for ice buckets and towels. If you are a lager drinker, a keg chiller and dispenser might be a sound investment.
Before you select storage, mull over how tall the bottles will stand or, in the case of wine, lie. Having enough space is critical, bottles that do not fit properly can simply fall and break, which is dangerous and can end up in an unpleasant clean up.
Overhead racks and cupboards permit easy reach for martini glasses, goblets and cocktail cups.
Look for cabinets with fittings for glassware. Or, glass shelves with the right lighting effects can be look good for showing your best crystal stemware.
For the bar itself, soft, diffused light is the best. Be imaginative with small fittings behind the bar or under the counter’s overhang.
Last Call – The small details are what is going to give your bar personality. Convenient accessories include cutting boards, towels, a blender, ice dispenser, cork screw, cocktail shaker and wine decanter.
If you are on a budget, it could be worthwhile to reach out to businesses about to close their doors or upgrade their bar. You may just get a deal on some of the things you want.

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