Life is very demanding, which makes it increasingly difficult for us to balance our daily commitments. in fact sometimes it might seem impossible to balance both home life and work life. Here are a few tips to assist you when you are trying to get the balance correct in your every day life.

1. Set definite hours for work commitments and home life: If your TORTOLA RENTAL is also your place of work, it will help to set definite hours for work, lunch breaks and times to finish and be ‘home’.

2. Set priorities every day: Try to set up a list of the work and home duties that you know you will have to perform each week and add anything else that may come up to those lists without letting your time merge into one.

3. Stick to your Guns: If you set yourself a certain time frame for an activity/task, then attempt to stay within that time. Sticking to the time-frames you set yourself is a great way to balance both your work and home-life each day.

4. Don’t answer the telephone at home: This really is easier in theory. But, if you answer the telephone all day long at the office then, not answering the phone in your own home can help you unwind from work as well as reducing stress.You can always allow your machine to receive the call and then call back the person who contacted you at your leisure.

5. Listen to Music: Listening to music when working as well as at home can help you to relax and therefore balance your work and home life on a daily basis. Listening to music makes work and home activities more fun and they go quickly.

6. Have a way to relieve stress: If you are feeling stressed by either my work or home life, take a piece of clay or Play-Doh and manipulate it in your hands until the tension of the day melts away. Other activities such as baking and swimming can also help to balance work and home life.

Balancing home and work life isn’t easy, and usually it boils down to time management. It also takes some time to do this. However, it is necessary in order to avoid stress and to keep one’s sanity.