Now that the BVI is opening up for tourism, make sure you download the new BVI Now app BEFORE you visit. Developed in collaboration with the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission, BVI Now is a groundbreaking app designed to help visitors discover all the BVI has to offer.

Complete Directory of Businesses and Tourist-related Attractions

BVI Now contains the only up-to-date and verified directory of businesses and attractions in the BVI and their precise locations, including restaurants and bars, water sports, shopping options and tourist-related attractions. It’s packed with local tips and insider information – and it was created in the BVI!

Works Without a Cell Phone Connection

BVI Now is fully functional without the user needing to have a data plan or any sort of cell or WiFi connection. Maps always work so the user can’t get lost.

Free Download

Utilizing the very latest smartphone technologies, it is believed to be the first travel app of its kind in the world and is available for free download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Download from Apple App Store

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