Try Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

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Through a unique combination of geology and geography, the British Virgin Islands boast some of the best sailing grounds in the world with steady trade winds, averaging 10-15 mph from the northeast, with insignificant currents and tidal range. There are almost 60 islands and cays (also pronounced keys) in the Virgin Islands. You are always in sight of land and safe harbour.

These islands offer protection from ocean swells and provide hundreds of protected coves and anchorages for swimming, snorkeling, diving, going ashore, or just lounging on the boat. The islands are mostly volcanic in origin and are great for hiking with dramatic landscapes and vistas.

Sailing with Terry offers this list of Why the Virgin Islands is among the world’s best sailing areas:

* Perfect sailing trade winds and protected anchorages
* Natural beauty on the islands and below the water
* A vibrant modern culture with a unique Caribbean history
* Privacy or partying, you decide
* Always in sight of land
* Easy to fly to and safe to visit

A Caribbean sailing vacation should include the natural world of the British Virgin Islands. In addition to the sailing adventure, the clarity of the water and the shallow depth of many of the reefs provides world class snorkeling and scuba diving.

Take advantage of the low travel packages available now and come visit the British Virgin Islands.


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