The Government has announced that local artists will soon be exposed to new strategies, in developing their talent and business skills to prepare them for the United Kingdom market.
This is thanks to the newly formed partnership between the BVI London Office, and the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.

According to the Government Information Service, the partnership was officially established on February 20th 2012, at a planning meeting between London Office Director Mr. Kedrick Malone and 26 artists from the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports’ conference room.
The workshop and lecture will be complimented by Art Curator, Mrs. Ziggi Golding, an art expert living in London of West Indian heritage, who specializes in contemporary photography, art development, art sales and photography copyright. Mrs. Golding has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the London art market.
Kedrick Malone, stated in the release, that the overall goal of the planned activities was to expand the marketability of BVI art locally, regionally and internationally, and to make initiatives like the BVI Art and Culture exhibition in London profitable for the artists and self funding.
‘The workshop and public lecture will support this objective, and the wider development of the arts in the Territory.’ He added.