Tips to Sell your BVI Home Fast & for Top Dollar

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1. Price it just below the current market.
2. Create demand for your home, a bidding environment, so Buyers will compete for the purchase.
3. Avoid the sale environment, where Buyers will offer below market value.
4. Study the recent sales in the neighborhood – NOT what the list/offer price was, but the sale price (your Coldwell Banker realtor can provide this detailed analysis).
5. Spend the time to visit homes for sale, go to Open Houses, talk to the owners and find out how many Buyers have visited their property and what comments they heard.
6. Put your paperwork in order: copies of your trust and deed, survey, inspection when you purchased, then complete the seller’s disclosure – having these available will save you time and effort when you go into escrow and need to meet deadlines.
7. Know your Home Facts: type of roof, warranty, termite inspections, warranty, square footage, size of lanai and garage, is the property wheelchair accessible, plus any details necessary to successfully answer Buyer questions.
8. Consider a pre-offer inspection so you can knowledgeably discuss what possible concerns Buyers may have.
9. Prepare your home for sale – this is crucial! Presentation – or Staging, as it is called now, is key to making Buyers feel comfortable and ready to make an offer.
10. You will be moving anyway, so now is the time to get rid of extra furniture, have the garage sale, and pack up enough stuff to make the home appear spacious, clean, and ready for a new owner.
11. Look at your property through the eyes of a Buyer – be critical, then fix the negatives.
12. What will they see? Dirt? A house that needs to be painted? Clutter? Yard tools? Laundry? Clean it up!
13. What will they smell? Pets? Diapers? Last night’s dinner? Mold? Stale tobacco? Deodorize and sanitize! (More Buyers are repelled by odors than feedback through the other senses.)
14. What will they hear? Dogs barking? Loud music? Kids fighting? Turn it down!
15. Remember: the way you live in your home is not the way to sell your home!
16. Depersonalize your property. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home, not you.
17. Clear high-traffic areas of excess furniture. This will maximize space and make it easier for Buyers to view your home.
18. Highlight key features in each room, accessorize with color and light.
19. Get lost during showings, that means you and your pets and children. Let your Coldwell Banker Realtor show the home.
20. Get rid of the emotional attachment you have to the property. You won’t be an effective negotiator if you can’t set aside your emotions.
21. Fix the little things, leaking faucets, loose toilets, squeaking hinges, burned out bulbs. If you present too many deferred maintenance items, Buyers will wonder what else is wrong they don’t see or hear.
22. Make your house or condo livable. Unless Buyers are looking for a ‘fixer’ they don’t want to spend the first month repairing and cleaning their ‘new’ home.
23. Be realistic. If you don’t have a million-dollar view and location, you home won’t sell for a million dollars.
24. Be ready to negotiate and compromise. Give the buyers something they want, and they may give you a better price.
25. Consider the offer as a whole, not just price – terms, time to close, financial strength of Buyers, inclusions like appliances – these all affect the net value to you in the sale of your property.
26. Listen to your Coldwell Banker Realtor. You hired her or him for their professional experience. Use it.

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