You have a picture in your head of how you would like your TORTOLA RENTALS to look, to operate, to feel.

But how can you communicate this vision to your architect, and to those who will build the walls and fit the counter-tops.

The way to achieve a successful home improvement or remodeling project is ensuring all parties – you, your architect, and your contractor – all completely understand that picture in your head.

Listed here are a few good ideas to help you make your vision very clear:

1) Collect and Organize

Whenever you see something you would like for your home, take a picture of it; tear the page from the magazine or print it from your computer. Even if the photo or drawing has only a small factor you want, get it on paper.

A good way to locate lots of images is to get home magazines at book stores or diy stores. A great resource may be the internet, where one can find sites and create an “idea book” from 100s of 1000’s of high-quality photographs.

After you have some images, obtain a binder of some kind and organize all of your photos and cuttings into groups by room ensuring you keep it updated.

2) Look Inside

It’s very easy to consider that your puepose as the, homeowner, is to come up with solutions for your project. Even though there is definitely a time for this, it’s far more essential that you first concentrate identifying the problems.

This means carefully and honestly analyzing your everyday life with regards to your home – does it do what you would like or need it to do? The more detail you provide about which elements of your home do and do not work for you will make it easier for you to come up with solutions.

Request all who live in your home with you for their ideas, in detail – after all, they have to live in the home, too!

Write everything down, regardless of how small or “crazy” it might appear. It’s through this type of honest inspection that you will have the ability to identify your real needs.

3) Research

A successful design and contruction project is dependent on equal expectations; the more knowledge you have about construction and designs the better! You will find many great books and websites to help you better understand your home, and also the issues you need to know about to ensure your project is a success.

It can be difficult to know where to start when you are embarking on a remodeling project, however with these simple tips you should be able to begin deciding what it is you need from your home for it to work better for you.