Tips to Attract Tenants

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If you are a property owner or a landlord and you have just placed your TORTOLA RENTALS up for rental, you may be wondering how to attract potential renters to your property. Prospective tenants don’t just appear you have to draw them in. There’s more to writing and marketing a rental listing than detailing the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. Attract tenants through getting creative with deals and offers – here are a few ideas to get you started:

Offer free high-speed Internet with rent.

Setting up an internet service with a provider when moving into a new home is annoying for tenants. A good way to attract tenants is by reducing the stress on their moving process by including Internet within the rent. An additional plus side is that you will be more likely to attract professionals who thrive on being connected.

Provide cable television service.

Another annoying-to-buy-but-nice-to-have amenity is cable TV. By including a subscription, you will attract the prime sports, or soap-opera loving tenants who just don’t want to have to deal with the opening, closing, and moving of their accounts every year. Your complex might not have the most modern updates, but there’s something to be said for all-you-can-watch television.

Offer free public transport

The morning commute is a drag, and costly gas prices just make matters worse. An excellent eco-friendly method to attract tenants – especially individuals without cars – is to have a free transportation system which will ferry tenants back and forth from your city’s transit hub every day. If you are situated in an urban area or your budget will not stretch to hiring a transportation system , instead provide a month’s pass for the city’s subway or bus transit system.

Give 1 month’s rent free of charge.

When free Internet, cable, and transport are simply not cutting it, you could revert back to the tried and true 1months free rent. This type of deal will help you fill your vacancy faster, and prevent having to pay maintenance, insurance, and utility costs on an empty unit for several or months. After all who in their right mind would turn down saving a few hundred dollars on rent?

It is not always easy to get your property rented to the right tenants and it can be a stressful time while you are looking for reliable people. With these few incentives you can attract the right people and the added extras may even convince them to stay in your property for a long period.

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