You’re a great host and your TORTOLA RENTALS is the prime gathering place for family and friends during the holiday season. Even though you welcome this role and responsibility, you could also worry about how to deal with the visitors who’ll soon be arriving. Because, after all, even the most cheerful host can turn grinch-like.

Here are a few tips to help you to make hosting a little less stressful:

1. Suggest the explore the area in which you live

Provide your visitors with a list of neighbourhood points of interest, maps, and ideas to encourage them to leave the house for a few hours. Thiss will clear the area to allow you to clean and prepare meals in peace, and it also gives everyone a change of scenery each day as well as creating memories

2. Have food at the ready

Just because you are the host doesn’t mean that you have to be tied to the kitchen 24 hours a day as an on call cook. To make your life easier, purchase ingredients for sandwiches, or other easy to make snacks and invite your guests to help themselves to food. Have ample snacks and fruit around to allow them to just pick it up and go!

3. Make your guests fell at home

Even if your home is small, create a space for your guests to relax. Make a basket with books and magazines along with other activities. Ensure you provide extra towels, soap and other assorted toiletries your guests may require during their stay.

4. Put your guests to work

It is very likely that your guests will insist on helping – either in the kitchen area or elsewhere, so why not take them up on the offer! Give them tasks such as dicing veggies, washing dishes, or going to the store for extra provisions.

5. Games, movies, and cards

Getting out a puzzle, board games or cards with plenty of snacks in the evening will provide the perfect evening activities for you and your guests. Alternatively you could show them how to connect to the internet or find a movie to watch.

It can be very stressful to have a house full of people over the holidays, however if you follow these simple tips it can also be a pleasure, happy hosting!