Tips on Moving Home with Kids

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When you are planning a move to a new British Virgin Islands Home you will understand that this is one of the most stressful events any adult will experience in their lifetime, but what about your kids? A lot of kids don’t even like changing their socks , so imagine how difficult it is for them to change homes, schools and friends. Because a home is a unique place of security and comfort for kids, many families can experience concerns about leaving their their familiar surroundings. Although parents understand the reasons a move is necessary, the reason is probably not obvious your kids.

Discuss the impending move in a family meeting

Call a family meeting to get everyone together to break the news about the move, focus on the ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the moving process. Ensure your kids understand that the move is a positive event for the whole family.

Make new buddies but keep your old

Prior to the move, give your kids a chance to spend some time with their friends to say goodbye. A good tip is to prepare a moving kit for the kids including fun cards that they can use to exchange contact details with their friends.

Involve the children in the moving process

Ask for your kids help in planning the route the family will take to reach your new home. When the van operator arrives, introduce her or him to the children. For safety reasons, ensure your kids understand the significance of keeping out of the driver’s path when they’re moving boxes and furniture into the van. A good idea is to make it fun for the kids by allowing them to decorate and label their own boxes and allowing them to pack their ‘special possessions.’

Alleviate fears

If you can arrange it, take your children to see their new home and neighborhood before moving day. This will keep them involved and take the mystery out of the move, while you are there introduce them to their new neighbors to reassure them that they will make new friends once the move is completed. If it is not possible to get to the new neighborhood before your move, give the kids as much information on their new home and surroundings as you can, the internet can be very helpful for this – show them pictures of the house and surrounding area.

Pursue new activities

You can help your children make new friends by involving them in after school activities in the new neighborhood like sports, kids clubs, and any other class your child would be interested in. This will keep them busy and help them integrate themselves into their new surroundings with ease.


After you have arrived at your new home and the move is complete, allow your kids to pick their favorite restaurant or type of food to celebrate their help in making the move successful, and the beginning of a new adventure.

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