If Christmas is in your British Virgin Islands Home this year, there is no need to panic . You will find a couple of easy tips for you to follow to ensure your Christmas goes off well without a hitch. Being organized is paramount and to really make it memorable try doing something different to the traditional sit down lunch. As you live in a warmer climate you may even decide to have your Christmas lunch outdoors on the patio. Your Christmas party could be a pool party in which your guests can enjoy a cooling dip in the pool!

Plan your Menu

Ensure you know what you are going to be cooking and that you have organized a day to collect the meat or seafood you have ordered. You might like choose to serve a traditional Christmas feast indoors, or if you are going to enjoy the outdoors with a barbecue, seafood, meat, and salads are a good option. Of course whether it is formal or casual, deserts are always important for guests with a sweet tooth!

Formal or Casual?

Do you enjoy a classic formal Christmas with a fancy meal, making use of your best silverware or perhaps a Christmas outdoors round the barbecue more your scene? Either option is a terrific way to celebrate Christmas and also to spend some time with family and friends. For any formal Christmas decorate your table with candles, tinsel and other Christmas decorations. Set out your good tableware and serve your meal with all the trimmings.

Select the best wines you can buy, with a nice sparkling wine to accompany the start of the meal. If you decide on a casual Christmas lunch turn on the barbecue and prepare some prawns or bake a whole fish. You may even prepare meats on the barbecue. Pavlova is a superb dessert on a warm day, along with a fresh fruit salad, or you can even serve serve Christmas pudding cold.


To get into the festive spirit make sure you decorate your home. As well as the Christmas tree decorate the table and hang up tinsel and baubles along with other decorations round the room or yard.


Know in advance whether your family and friends are giving presents. Some families go all out and purchase presents for every member of the family, others don’t bother at all. If you’re watching your spending possibly organize a secret Santa, where each member of the group buys one gift for just one other member of the family. It should be taken care of some time before Christmas to give each person enough time to purchase gifts.