As you prepare to sell your home, you may want to devote some time to thinking about your buyers. With new homes listed everyday, homebuyers have plenty of options. However, if you market your house properly, prospective buyers won’t have any trouble finding your home.

If you have already found an agent that understands your needs as a seller, you can utilize their knowledge and resources to make your home as attractive as possible. While you may choose to work very closely with your agent during the marketing process, here are a number of marketing tactics that you can try out on your own.

1. One of the most important steps in marketing your home may be taking photographs. As many home buyers and real estate agents conduct their initial research online, a flattering collection of photos is helpful to include with your listing. Begin your photo shoot outside the home and try to snap pictures that highlight your home’s best features. As you want your home to be focus of all the photos, remove cars from the driveway and try to clear plants that block a view of your front door. Begin with photos of the entire property – cropping out the sidewalk and street – and move in to take close-up pictures of exterior features.

Inside the home, you should take at least one photograph of every room. Though you may choose not to display every room in your listing, you may find some great images where you least expect. As you prepare to photograph the interior of your home, you should open all of the blinds or curtains and turn on lights in each room. You may also want to remove certain items – such as personal photos and undesirables like garbage cans – before taking photos.

In the kitchen and dining room, consider placing floral arrangements on the table to add a peaceful atmosphere to the space. As you move room to room, focus on the most interesting aspects of each room – be it a large closet in a guest bedroom or a fireplace in the living room. When you are finished, the photos you have taken should represent all the best elements of your home.

2. After you have taken your photos, work with your agent to place adequate signage on the property. A useful sign should list the agent’s name and contact information and, if necessary, additional contact information for the nearest real estate office. If you reside on a quiet street, you may want to place a small, directional sign on the nearest busy corner. Lastly, one or more of the photos used in your listing should also be included on the fact sheet available outside your home. This takeaway brochure will typically list the details of your home – number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and lot size – and can also be used during open houses as a reminder to prospective buyers.

3. Depending on how you want to market your home, there are a number of advertising options available to you and your agent. Many homeowners choose to list their properties in local newspapers, typically in special weekend real estate sections. You may also want to look at local real estate publications and check printing dates to see if your home is a good fit. However, even more than print advertisements, the internet features a world of opportunity for home sellers. There are numerous classified sites and databases that prospective homebuyers check daily, many of which offer free listings. You and your agent can also use the internet to publicize your open house and offer additional details that may not have been featured in your print ads.

4. After you have completed your first round of marketing, you and your agent may want to schedule an open house. Granting prospective buyers an opportunity to view your home in person is often one of the most important steps in selling a home. Prior to the open house, your agent can actively seek for prospective buyers. If an interested buyer or agent is unable to visit your open house, your agent can also arrange private tours to make sure all prospective buyers have a chance to see your home.

While there is certainly no guarantee that any specific marketing tactics will sell your home, utilizing some of these strategies will help increase the odds of prospective buyers finding your home – and getting them to your front door is the first step in making the sale.