2013 will be here before we know it and if you are hosting a new Year’s Eve party in your TORTOLA RENTALS, you will need to make sure you are fully prepared. If you have not already planned your party here are a few ideas to assist you in everything from advice on how to make your candles burn longer to information on hangover reducing care packages.

1. Dim your lights and fill the house with votive candles. Candles are the most romantic and cost effective way to create a festive party feel. To make your candles burn for longer, place them in a zip lock bag and put in the freezer the day before your party.

2. Buy pink bulbs at your local home store and swap the ones that are already in your lamps for the evening – you’ll be amazed by the difference this simple idea can make to the atmosphere!

3. They may be silly, but people still love the traditional New Year’s Eve party products for example noisemakers, hats, tiaras, boas, and horns. It is a good idea to dot these products around the house in decorative bowls so that your guests can use them throughout the evening and of course at the stroke of midnight.

4. Invite your guests to bring their favorite tunes with them, that way you will have a good mixture of music that everyone will like throughout the evening. It is also a good idea to make several mixed Cd’s so that you are not continuously changing the music.

5. Casino themed parties are very popular for new years eve parties, if this sounds like the sort of party you and your guests would enjoy, you can rent games from local companies. Also consider creating your own pretend play money for guests to use.

6. On New Year’s Eve, serve a specialty drink at the beginning of the party and champagne at midnight, then invite your guests to bring a bottle so they can have their favorite drinks. As the host you should ensure that you provide all the mixers, such as soda, tonic, lemon, limes and soft drinks etc.

7. For your menu, A good suggestion is to serve light snacks, for example vegetables and dip, pretzels, mini-pizzas, and chips. Then around 10:30 pm. Put out a breakfast type buffet with pre-made casseroles, danishes, and fruit. It makes a change for the guests and puts something in their stomach towards the end of the night.

8. When midnight comes around there will be plenty of kissing going on, so put some mints in your bathroom to keep things fresh!

9. Have numbers on hand for your local cab companies just in case your guests require a lift home.

10. As a favor, provide your guests fun care packages in small paper bags New Year’s Day. Fill the bags with aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, vitamin C and you could even provide them with hot cocoa in a to-go container for the journey.

New Years Eve is one of the most special evenings of the year, people get dressed up to enjoy a fun evening of drinks, food and music with their friends and family. If is your turn to host this year, these tips should assist you in holding the best party ever!!