1. Is Real Estate your full-time profession?
2. How many properties have you sold in my neighborhood?
3. How many other sellers are you representing now?
4. Do you have assistants or support staff who would handle my transaction?
5. Is your license in good standing?
6. How many years of experience do you have?
7. Are you a broker?
8. Are you a member of a MLS?
9. What professional organizations do you belong to?
10. How will you network to sell my home?
11. Can you provide names and contact information for 3 references?
12. Do you speak any language other than English?
13. How will your company and the other agents there help sell my property?
14. How well do you know the market you serve?
15. Can you give me a market analysis of sales in my neighborhood and other homes on the market?
16. What is the average Days on Market?
17. What time on market can I expect?
18. Explain what marketing you would do for my home, including on the internet.
19. What will you differently marketing my property than for all of your other listings?
20. How do you use technology, both in marketing and servicing my needs?
21. How do you separate yourself from your competition?
22. Will you hold Open Houses?
23. Will you be present at showings?
24. Will you obtain feedback from showings and share that with me?
25. How often will you communicate with me on your progress in finding a Buyer?
26. What suggestions do you have for staging the property?
27. What suggestions do you have for showing the property?
28. Should my home be sold ‘As Is’? Why or why not?
29. What input do I have in your advertising?
30. Other than yourself, who is the best agent in this area to sell my home and why?
31. Why should I list with you?
32. At what price do you think my property will sell in the current market?
33. What is your pricing strategy if it doesn’t sell quickly?
34. What is your commission?
35. What services do you provide?
36. What is the term of the listing agreement?
37. What is your cancellation policy?
38. Do you offer a guarantee?
39. Explain the Listing Agreement.
40. What is Dual Agency and your position on this?

You may not get all of these questions asked, but interview more than one realtor when you get ready to list, and be satisfied that the answers of the agent you choose will place your interests first. We feel sure you will find Coldwell Banker offers more services and more knowledge than any other company you will consider.