Ten students from the BVI Technical Vocational Institute received certificates of achievement for participating in the Fire Safety Awareness Week Cadet Training Programme during a closing ceremony held yesterday at the Fire and Rescue Services headquarters.
Acting Chief Fire Officer William Penn also shared brief remarks. ‘The Cadet Training Programme is an annual event that is designed to broaden the horizons of school students, get them thinking about a career path and to impart crucial fire safety information,’ he said.
Penn also encouraged them to be leaders. ‘After being exposed to the discipline of this programme you all should now understand that you have to take responsibility for your own actions and become leaders among your peers.’
The students all agreed that they had a great experience taking part in the Cadet Training Programme. ‘I liked the knots and lines,’ ‘I would love to become a fire fighter,’ ‘I will be better behaved,’ ‘I had an awesome time,’ and ‘tomorrow when we go to school we will see if the fire extinguishers are charged or needs to be replaced,’ were among the many comments the students shared regarding their experience.
The Cadet Training programme is an annual event that takes place during Fire Safety Awareness Week. The programme lasted for three days and during that time the students were exposed to all aspects of fire safety. They learned the definition of fire, and were educated on the triangle of fire, fire spread, how to use the rescue equipment and operate the appliances.