This week we will be heading to Beef Island to practice for the first race of the season the ‘Beef Island Challenge’ which is to be held on Sunday 4th March. If you want to practice on the course, a mountain bike is necessary as we will be going off road in some sections.
The main course will be around 15 miles in total, with laps around the trails and roads of Beef Island. There will be categories for everyone including experts, veterans, masters, senior and grand masters, women, novices and juniors (15-18 years). Shorter, easier courses will be available for novices so we encourage everyone to come out and have a go! Having no bike is no excuse as bikes with helmets are available to rent at Last Stop Sports Bike Shop.
Parents please make sure all childrens bikes are in good working order, with tyres pumped up and of course, working brakes. Cadets need to wear helmets fastened with a chin strap and suitable shoes (no flip flops or open sandals).
The main adults race will begin at 7am and the Cadet’s race will begin when the main race finishes around 9am. Breakfast will be hosted by Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe after the races at approximately 9:30am when the prize giving will be held.