For the last few years, BVI Cable TV has been providing a mixture of English and Spanish content. The problem is that the BVI is viewed as being part of the Latin American market.
Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, said the BVI and residents of TORTOLA RENTALS are not alone when it comes to the issue of Latin content being provided by cable operators to residents of in English-speaking countries of the Caribbean.
The CTU and the International Telecommunications Union intend to sit down for talks at the World Conference on International Telecommunications, taking place in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
‘We intend to attend that meeting and to have a voice in that meeting with the help of the CTU in order that we can let the ITU know that the BVI is an English speaking country and the content that we are providing is not suitable for the BVI,’ said Guy Malone, CEO of the BVI Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.
The concerns with Cable TV programmes started after new owners, Caribbean Asset Holdings, LLC Innovative Companies took control of the company in March 2011. Some of the concerns expressed about the new networks include the expanded range of Latin content, which is no use to residents of