Have a busy successful career? Wondering how to balance your job commitments with taking a week or two off to relax in the Caribbean? Here’s a tale of a newly-married couple who had some challenges leaving the working world behind, even in the quintessential vacation environment of the Caribbean.

Both husband and wife had successful careers. They decided to honeymoon at Little Dix Bay Resort in the British Virgin Islands. Ten lazy days in Caribbean Paradise, just being together, what could go wrong? The couple was eager to swim, snorkel, sail, hike, dine quietly under bright stars, dance, and relax in the double hammock.

As told to their travel agent, Bonnie Kogos:

‘When we came back home, Jenna told me she wanted a divorce! We cannot be married to each other,’ said the new groom.

‘I couldn’t stop texting,’ he confessed. ‘My work at the financial firm requires me to be responsible and involved. Last month, I had 17,000 text conversations. My life is so digital; I forgot how to read a clock. When my two global-international-travel-wireless cell-phones rang on the beach, I had to answer.’

‘You sat on a Caribbean beach, under an expensive palm tree, looking at whispering surf and you answered your phones?’ Bonnie took a deep breath. ‘Jason, in your marriage ceremony, you vowed and committed to leave all your wireless appliances at home. You promised to set cyber limits. Pardon this joke, but you’d only be plugged into each other.’

‘Couldn’t do it,’ Jason said, stifling a sob.

‘At least, in the evenings, romantic time, did you turn those appliances off?’

‘I turned mine off. As we showered for dinner, hers started ringing in the bathroom.’

Bonnie writes, ‘At my desk, I stuffed my Irish linen hanky into my mouth. You promised each other, and me, your buddy and travel agent, you’d go cold turkey. That you’d exist in a cyberless world for 10 days and rediscover each other in the world of nature in the sultry Caribbean. You declared you’d read real books, listen to music and relax. What happened to old-fashioned time and relaxation?’

‘Neither of us could stay away from the Internet,’ Jason said, sighing. ‘And we lied to each other. Jenna said she was going for a walk. I found her at the Internet Cafe.’

Find out how this couple dealt with unplugging while on their honeymoon and read Bonnie’s blog in the Sudbury Starabout Plugging Into Relationships.

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