Shornelle Bertrand and Kelsey Skerritt, both 2011 graduates of the Elmore Stoutt High School, gained invaluable work experience at Sol before starting their tertiary education at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC).
The two young ladies joined the administrative and operations sectors of the Sol office in Tortola for five weeks, preceding the start of the new Fall term at HLSCC. Shornelle was involved in the customer service and operations side of the business, while Kelsey assisted with data entry and assisted in company procedures.
‘Highlights of working there included learning to deal with customers, appreciating the importance and relevance of office procedures and gaining a better understanding of what a business entails. I signed up for work experience last summer as well but felt I was more involved with ‘real’ elements of the business here at Sol. It will be interesting to see how this real life work ties in with what I will learn on my course at HLSCC.’ Shornelle said.
Kelsey, who ultimately would like to open a daycare center, was equally enthusiastic about the quality and value of her time at Sol.
‘I learnt a lot from my experience at Sol,’ said Kelsey. ‘I had to deal with customers and interact with other employees which was great for developing my interpersonal skills and preparing me for the time when I will have to deal with teachers, parents and guardians. I also improved my computer skills but one of the most unusual and fun aspects of this placement was going up to the tanks to measure product and dispatch control.’
Shornelle and Kelsey enrolled at the HLSCC as Fall 2011 students in Business Management Studies and in Teacher Education respectively.