Simple and inexpensive updates can add appeal to your home and help catch the eye of prospective buyers. Check with your Coldwell Banker realtor for more ideas, but consider one or more of these to spruce up your home for sale.

*Colors – Use welcoming colors. Paint trim, eaves, and shutters a warm brown and brighten the front door with a deep blue or another soft color.

*Benches – Place wrought iron or wood benches beside the door or under trees in the front yard, to give the idea of welcome and comfort.

*Lighted path – Use energy-efficient solar lights to lead visitors to the front door and illuminate the entry after dark. Also use shrubs and colorful plants along the walkway to the front.

*Wall lanterns – Use lanterns on each side of the front door to welcome buyers. A dark doorway is not inviting.

*Clean the yard and front porch – don’t let clutter and trash spoil that first impression given a buyer.

These ideas should get you thinking of inexpensive quick fixes you can do to your property to make it look more inviting and get those buyers inside.