Recycling Household Appliances

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When you want to dispose of any old, broken or unwanted appliances or electricals that are in your British Virgin Islands Home Recycling is a superb method to re-use things and to help in keeping the planet clean. By recycling, we are able to preserve the environment and reduce excessive waste. When recycling large home appliances or electronics, you will sometimes find guidelines that need to be followed. These products can occasionally contain dangerous elements that, if discarded incorrectly, may cause a significant problems with the ground or water. It’s also worth noting that both home appliances and electronics can usually be recycled in a safe and efficient way, and when they are not recycled, they are can cause clutter, trash, and waste that may by very harmful to the planet.

Home appliances

Kitchen appliances are frequently tossed out to the curb for garbage collectors. After that, they end up in a landfill where they rust, and expel dangerous waste into the environment. Since appliances aren’t biodegradable, they simply stay there and take up space. Large home appliances like fridges, ovens, freezers, washing machines, and dryers can be easily recycled. You should check out your local areas guidelines when you want to recycle these items. A great starting point would be to contact local charities. Many of these places will happily accept used home appliances, if they’re still in working order.

Other home appliances that can be recycled include microwaves, garbage disposals, dish washers, and air conditioning units. If they still work, think about making a donation of these items to a charity. They can often re-sell them, with the profits going towards the charity. It is important to note that products like freezers and fridges in addition to certain air conditioning units contain CFCs, which may be dangerous to the environment. Under the Clean Air Act, certain procedures should be followed when getting rid of or recycling these products. Many areas have a pick up service that will collect from your home and ensure that they are recycled properly.

Many home appliances that are no longer in working order can be used for scrap metal. A Procedure is performed that will remove any dangerous elements and iron from the appliances, so that the case can be re-used. Construction companies can frequently use these home appliances and re-purpose them for a number of uses. This is another good option for recycling your unwanted appliances. It is always a good option to donate any home appliances which are working to charity. For those that are not functional, donating them for scrap metal is certainly a great alternative.


Similar to home appliances, electronics can generally be recycled. Computer monitors contain dangerous elements like mercury, lead, cadmium, and other substances that may be very dangerous to the ground and water supply if they’re discarded incorrectly. Newer television models also contain a few of these dangerous elements. Electronics which are working are great to donate to local schools and churches. Since many schools need as much financial help as possible, older computer systems and televisions can definitely prove useful. It is good to know that donations are tax deductible, which means donating them is even better.

Stereo systems, old photocopiers and fax machines, and damaged or unused cell phones will also be recyclable. You will find some programs within the works which will take old cell phones, refurbish them for use elsewhere. There are certain stores who will take older electronics and make certain that they are recycled in the proper manner. Some of the large electronic companies have corporate electronic recycling programs. Often these companies can either refurbish and re-sell the item, or use spare parts on another way. It is always best to recycle old unwanted electronics to prevent them from sitting in landfill sites causing environmental problems.

Some areas hold annual drives where people can come and donate their old electronics, computers are usually on the most wanted list. Many occasions you will see community events where local people could possibly get together, donate their old products, and discuss new ideas and applications them. There are many recycling programs available which will allow people to give their unwanted items, so why not ask in your local area.

So when you are buying new products for your home it is always advisable to recycle, it is up to us to make a difference to how things are disposed of so that we may help protect the environment we live in for us and future generations.

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