The vacation rental industry has become a massive multi-billion dollar market which has taken shape and it has been progressing worldwide in the last couple of decades. Numerous online services have followed, aiding vacation rental property owners to now effectively market their vacation property online for a number of different monthly and annual prices. If you are planning to get your British Virgin Islands Home ready for vacation rentals, these 10 steps below are a helpful guide on how to prepare your home and also how to market it effectively.

1. Determine whether your home is really appropriate vacation Rentals – While you will find many vacation rentals currently available today, it certainly helps if your property has unique features. It is very important that you determine whether your home is marketable and desirable. Asking yourself the following questions will help: Is my property within a frequently visited geographic area? Is my property’s location desirable (i.e. On the beachfront, great sights, or near to landmarks for example amusement parks, etc.). Is my property modern with the amenities that lots of vacationers are searching for for example high-speed internet, jacuzzi tubs, etc.

2. Prepare the interior & exterior of your home to rent – Once you have determined that your property is appropriate for vacation rentals, you will need to be sure that both the interior and exterior of your home will meet the standards vacationers will expect. When people travel and rent vacation homes or condos, the overall guideline would be to make certain that everything works, there is nothing damaged and that the property is completely presentable.

3. Choose a Good House Keeping Service – If you have made a decision to rent your home as a vacation rental, it would be in your best interests to find a good house cleaning service or maid that can clean your home for you when your visitors depart. Obviously, you could do this this by yourself, however, if your reservations begin to increase in frequency, most proprietors often wish to delegate the cleaning of the property to make their lives easier.

4. Create a System for Supplying a key or Entry Instructions to Visitors – If you are planning to rent your home as a vacation rental, you will have to in some way provide your guests with a key. Most property owners tend to use a lock box on the property which may be bought at the local home improvement store. Other property owners use property agents to supply the key and meet the guests to check them into the property so that they can show them around and answer any questions the guests may have.

5. If you choose not to use an agent for the check in and out of your property, it is important to provide Instructions for the Visitors upon Arrival – With every property, you will find some things that you would like your holiday rental visitors to be aware of when they enter the property for the first time, for example how to use certain electronic appliances, where you can put trash, if you should recycle, where extra linens and towels are kept, exactly what the rules from the neighborhood are (i.e. noisy music, parties, etc.), along with other elements. You need to give them some instructions that they can clearly follow to ensure that their stay is an enjoyable one for both your guests and yourself.

6. Take good quality pictures of the property and surrounding area – It’s vital that you take good quality photos of the property and keep them on your PC or any other digital media disc. Photos speak volumes for the property and can make the difference between a successful vacation rental property and an unsuccessful one. Additionally, staging the home correctly is definitely an added plus to give people the sense of what it will be like when they are staying in the property. You need to take photos with a camera that’s a minimum of 5 mega pixels. If you cannot get a top quality camera, you need to employ a professional digital photographer to take the photos. This is will be beneficial in the long run.

7. Make a Description of the Property, describing the Amenities and nearby Activities and Bed room/Room Layout – It is extremely important to provide potential visitors with accurate specifics of your home. You will need to come up with a descriptive paragraph or two regarding the property and also make a list of the local amenities and activities, and bedroom/Room layout. You should use this information when marketing your property on the various websites you choose.

8. Decide whether you want to use a Rental Agent or Property Management Company – You are able to still ‘do-it-yourself’ as well as utilize rental agents and property management companies to rent your vacation rental. You will just need to make sure that you simply keep an up-to-date list of your own rental dates if you are leasing the home yourself in addition to utilizing a rental agent, however, it is possible to be non-exclusive with rental agents and property management companies.

9. Purchase Holiday Rental Software to help with the management of the property- While everybody thinks they can do everything themselves, we sometimes might take too much on. It is a good idea to find the best holiday rental software system which can help you with booking and controlling your vacation rentals property.

10. Begin Marketing your home and Booking reservations – Now that all the preparation is done, you are ready to start marketing & taking bookings for your property. The operation is relatively simple. You will find several sites which have been created to help you with this.

Now that you have read these steps to help you to prepare your home for vacation rentals and have learned a little about the marketing options. You are now ready to begin the process yourself, what are you waiting for – start marketing your property today!