Just below Virgin Gorda, along Sir Francis Drake Channel, are Ginger, Cooper, Salt, Peter, and Norman Islands. Norman Island is the most renowned, because of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, Treasure Island. Norman’s major attractions are the three Treasure Caves, where crystal clear water and a marine garden make it a perfect snorkelling destination.

Norman also features hiking around Santa Monica Rock or the trail between Bight and Spyglass Hill, and Bight and Benures Bay beaches.

Of the other islands in this chain, Peter offers beautiful beaches, the famous Peter Island Resort and spa, biking along White Bay, snorkeling, and sailing. It is accessible by ferry from Tortola.

Ginger Island is more rugged and unspoiled, with two of the best dive sites in the BVI, Alice in Wonderland and Ginger Steppes. Salt Island also has good diving around the 1800s wreck, the British mail steamer Rhone. Cooper Island is for relaxing, on the white-sand beaches, or a leisurly snorkel in Cistern Point.

Enjoy some of the less-traveled islands in our British Virgin Islands chain, and come soon!