The new web site, International Real Estate,has a specific page for the British Virgin Islands.

Dr. Taylor White created the new site to minimize cultural, national, and linguistic barriers. This new BVI site has several advantages which are not provided by any other site, as he explains.

1. It is very easy to make an account. No questions are asked regarding personal information or credit card details, to ensure perfect safety to those registering with the site.

2. You can easily upload limitless British Virgin Islands real estate listings in the same account, after activating it. It makes no discrimination between British Virgin Islands rentals, British Virgin Islands real estate for sale, or British Virgin Islands real estate for exchange.

3. The lister can decide to direct the property on the Free Weekly Hot Sheet to send details across the world.

4. When the account holder lists property in the website, it remains as a Basic Listing for 6 months, and is free. When any additional info is added, then the lister can choose to email the details to all those who want to receive British Virgin Islands real estate listings.

5. Once the British Virgin Islands real estate listing uploaded, this list is then placed on the Facebook and Twitter pages of International Real Estate Listings, free of cost.

6. A circular created by the client is then posted on British Virgin Islands Craigslist, also a free service.

7. The lister can have the British Virgin Islands real estate set on a traditional emailer for directing it to local or international business ventures.

8. The property’s location is automatically uploaded to social bookmarking websites like Yahoo real estate, Back Page, Vast, Zillow, Oodle, etc., at no extra cost.

9. The account holder can use the global emailer choice to message their British Virgin Islands real estate listings to the worldwide associates of International Real Estate This can assist them in renting, selling, or exchanging properties across the world in a few days.

We wish Dr. Taylor good luck with his new web site and appreciate the increased opportunity to market Coldwell Banker British Virgin Islands property for sale.