According to the BVI Beacon,US registered airlines will be restricted in flying from the VI to non-US destinations.

‘A transportation regulator’s recent decision to rewrite the rules on how planes fly in and out of the territory may reduce the number of flights serving the Virgin Islands in the future. Currently, most of the territory’s air charter companies that base their operations here are United States-registered airlines, some of which have operated here for many years.

‘With the recent launch of two locally registered airlines, BVI Airways and VI Airlink, this may change.

‘On March 28, the Department for Transport – the territory’s United Kingdom regulator – notified the US-registered carriers that starting July 1 they won’t be able to fly most flights from the VI to non-US destinations such as Antigua, according to James Gilderoy, a manager with the DfT The companies will be allowed to continue to fly to and from US destinations and within the territory – for example, from Tortola to Anegada.

‘According to the DfT, the rule change is being considered primarily for economic reasons. ‘The department and government of the BVI wish to ensure that BVI operators have a fair and equal opportunity to compete with US airlines,’ Gilderoy wrote.