After competing in the world’s largest beauty pageant, Miss Universe,Miss BVI 2010, Sheroma Hodge is exhilarated and determined to share what she’s learned from this eye-opening experience, especially with young women who aspire to become Miss BVI.
‘The level of pageantry at Miss Universe is above any that I have seen and I think it’s important to use my experience to help raise the bar for pageants in the BVI,’ Hodge stated. Showing very little signs of exhaustion after traveling 19 hours, Hodge stepped off the plane at Terrence B. Lettsome airport looking cool and casual.
When asked about her experience in Sao Paolo, Brazil,she said, ‘It was amazing! It was like traveling around the world and meeting people of many different cultures,’ noting the new relationships made with fellow contestants Miss Australia, Miss Canada, Miss Turkey, Miss USA and Miss Bahamas.
Hodge’s positive outlook followed her onto the Miss Universe stage. When it came time to walk in front of the worldwide audience the beauty queen remained calm and confident throughout the two-hour event while supporting the other women. She even made her own predictions.
‘I was rooting for Miss Angola, I am happy that she won. Miss Angola is a very humble person and I know she will execute her reign in the best way possible,’ she said. Miss Hodge also thanked the Festival & Fairs Committee for keeping the public abreast of her activities throughout Brazil, and for sharing information and photos with the media to whom she expresses gratitude for carrying her stories.