Tortola, ‘land of turtle doves’ or Chocolate City, is the largest of the British Virgin Islands. It overlooks Sir Francis Drake Channel about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico. The East End Beef Island Airport. linked to the capital city of Road Town by the one-lane Queen Elizabeth Bridge, is the most popular point of entry for visitors. Road Town’s sheltered yacht-filled harbour provides a good glimpse of the laid-back BVI lifestyle.

Tortola Restaurants

Tortola offers visitors every sort of regional and international cuisine found in interesting settings of pastel-painted restaurants, former forts, and old sugar mills. Cuisine includes: West Indian specialties of fresh lobster, conch, turtle, spicy goat, and curries of every description, and an authentic English pub that serves Pusser’s Rum, traditional drink of the British Navy for 300 years.

Tortola Shopping

Shoppers can usually find bargains in perfume, jewellery, wine, and Wedgewood china in the stores along Road Town’s Main Street and Soper’s Hole, West End. Better known are the unique local products: antiques, silk-screened fabrics, intricate ship models, and watercolours by local artists.

Tortola’s Location

Tortola Is close to the other main island of BVI, Virgin Gorda, and to Jost Van Dyke. There is efficient ferry service to these nearby destinations.

(Resource: Virgin Islands Tourism Information)